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Since mid-2019, a working group, comprised of members from HHR and Outside In (a collaborative focused on unsheltered homelessness in Ramsey County), has come together to redesign the Continuum of Care for greater engagement of leaders and improved outcomes for those at-risk of or experiencing homelessness.

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Attached below is a pdf diagram of the new HHR organizational structure. Any member who attends the full CoC meeting on January 14th can vote on the new Governing Board and Steering Committee members. To view the applications in advance of the meeting, please click on the link: GB and SC Applications



Attached below is a pdf of the new Charter and Addenda; updated as of December 2020. The new Charter will be voted on at the first meeting on January 14, 2021.

SAVE THE DATE! The first meeting of the redesigned Heading Home Ramsey will be on January 14, 2021 from 9am - 12noon. All are welcome! Please email the CoC Coordinator at [email protected] for a meeting invite.

Heading Home Ramsey (HHR) is the Continuum of Care for Ramsey County.  The Continuum of Care is a community-wide partnership committed to the goal of ending homelessness in the cities and neighborhoods of Ramsey County. HHR is a coalition of social service providers, housing providers, philanthropic partners, business, community, government and citizens working together to create and implement cost effective solutions to ending homelessness. HHR is undergoing a governance re-structure per the tab above. Click back for updated information sometime in quarter one of 2021!

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HHR is responsible for long term strategic planning and managing on-going work being done to reduce and end homelessness in Ramsey County to ensure compliance with the HEARTH Act and the Continuum of Care (CoC) Interim Final Rule. 

To learn more about the responsibilities of the CoC click here.

One important part of the work we do to comply with the responsibilities HUD designates is to establish and operate a Coordinated Assessment system (also referred to as Coordinated Entry) which is used to respond to specific subpopulations of people who are experiencing homelessness.  These subpopulations include families, single adults and youth (ages 16 to 24).  HHR has implemented Coordinated Entry which provides for an initial comprehensive assessment to clarify needs and help identify appropriate housing options. A specific single point of contact for each of these subpopulations facilitates immediate access to resources and ensures that anyone experiencing homelessness is provided with assistance as quickly as possible.

To learn more about the CORE Elements of Coordinated Entry click here.  To view the complete Coordinated Entry Guidebook provided by HUD click here.

2021 Annual Point-in-Time (PIT) Count:

The annual Point-In-Time (PIT) homeless count is required by HUD for every community in the country and serves as a static count of the number of people experiencing homelessness. It is the principle means for gauging the need for homeless assistance resources both nationally and here in Ramsey County community.  The results of the PIT Count directly impact the amount of funding dedicated to serving people experiencing homelessness in Ramsey County. 

The unsheltered homeless PIT, counting those sleeping in places not meant for human habitation, or who may be doubled-up/couch-hopping, is scheduled for the night of January 27th (those homeless at sundown on January 27th into the sunrise on January 28th).  Ramsey County, in partnership with Heading Home Ramsey, will not be recruiting volunteers to assist with the unsheltered homeless count this year.

To anonymously collect general demographic and income information, we conduct a brief (5-10 minute) survey/interview with each person who reports experiencing homelessness the night of January 27th through homeless outreach teams. 

For more information regarding the PIT Count or to volunteer in future counts, please contact the Continuum of Care (CoC) Coordinator, Loni Aadalen, via email at [email protected]

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