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Youth Advisory Board



Increase awareness of youth experiencing homelessness and advocate for them.


  • Prioritize awareness as a collective group
  • Amplify individual and collective voices 
  • Seek and live your truth
  • Advocate for workforce and housing availability for said youth 
  • Create a connection to those affected by homelessness to key lawmakers and decision-makers directly involved 
  • Political involvement by advocating for equitable funding that is responsive to the needs of youth 

Join Our Board!

Join the Youth Advisory Board

  • Interested in being a voice for youth with lived experience of homelessness and making a difference? Apply to join our Board!
  • Criteria to join are:
    • Must be 16-25 years old - if in school, must maintain a “C” average
    • Must have a lived experience of homelessness or working with homeless youth
    • Must be able to consistently attend YAB meetings and events or give ample notice of absence
      • Communicate to Director of Communications and Marketing within 24 hours
      • Must be sober while in attendance to all YAB sanctioned meetings, events, and outings

Code of Conduct

Documents & Meeting Minutes

Community Events


For more information, email [email protected] or call 651-392-0033.