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FY 2019 NOFA Links and Documents

The FY 2019 CoC NOFA was published on July 3rd and closes at 7pm on September 30th. Ramsey CoC released a Letter of Interest (LOI) via Survey Monkey on July 10th and responses were due by 4pm on July 25th. For more information on Ramsey CoC's timeline and informational meeting, please go here:


NEW 9/27/19 - Link to the SUBMITTED FY2019 Priority Listing Application, Collaborative Application and Ramsey County FY2019 Planning Grant Application:

NEW 8/29/19 - Link to FY2019 Competition Ranking List:


Link to FY 2019 NOFA:

Letter of Interest via survey monkey for new project applicants and/or for renewal projects to apply for an expansion was DUE BY 4pm on July 25, 2019.

*All projects (new and/or renewal) need to submit their most recently approved financial statement and audit for the financial review section of the Scoring Tool.

**New projects must have a DUNS number (call 1-866-705-5711 or online through, be registered with the System for Award Management (SAM) at, and then create a profile through e-snaps. E-snaps link:


FY2019 CoC Estimated Annual Renewal Demand (ARD) amounts:

FY2019 Ramsey CoC Grant Inventory Worksheet (GIW) and FFY 2019 Scoring Tool (draft):

FY2019 Renewal Project Application Detailed Instructions and Navigational Guide (for E-snaps):

FY2019 New Project Application Detailed Instructions and Navigational Guide (for E-snaps):

Additional HUD E-snaps Instructional guides for the FY2019 CoC NOFA: