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2023 HUD NOFO Information

Heading Home Ramsey Current and Potential Partners -

We’re excited to begin the 2023 HUD CoC Notice of Funding Opportunity process. This year, in addition to the standard Annual Renewal Demand of about $7,000,000 provided to us by HUD, Heading Home Ramsey will apply for both the CoC Bonus and the DV Bonus funds. While the final amounts of the bonus funds have not been released yet, we expect them to be similar to amounts available to us last year, which were $356,392 and $681,912, respectively.

Funding Priorities

After reviewing the data available to us, trends within our system, and existing and emerging best practices across the state and county, HSD has identified the following gaps and needs in the system that should be funding priorities for this year’s NOFO. 

Once the HUD CoC Program NOFO is released, we will work with the Governing Board to adopt a final set of priorities, which will include a mix of HUD’s priorities and our locally-determined needs.

  • Priorities for all projects and program types
    • HMIS capacity: we encourage all projects, especially those facing data quality challenges, to increase the amount of staff and/or staff time dedicated to ensuring the data entered into HMIS is done so in a timely and complete manner.
  • Priorities for Projects Serving Single Adults:
    • Site-based transitional housing with intensive case management, navigation, and property/landlord engagement services. We believe the Highway2Housing program had a positive impact on the number of single adults that were able to move into housing and are interested in duplicating these efforts in a way that is eligible under the HUD-CoC program.
    • Rapid Rehousing focused on medically fragile adults that can work to get these individuals connected to resources such as the CADI or Elderly Waiver and can help get them housed in assisted living/nursing facilities or in community with medical services.
  • Priorities for Projects Serving Families:
    • Projects with supportive services especially relevant to families
  • Priorities for Youth:
    • TH-RRH projects that can begin working with child only households, which saw a significant uptick in the 2023 PIT, and then support them in moving into permanent housing as they become old enough to sign a lease.
  • Priorities for DV Bonus Funding
    • Domestic Violence Coordinated Entry grant to work to make coordinated entry safe and effective for households fleeing or attempting to flee domestic violence.

Finally, due to the limited amount of CoC bonus funds and our desire to spread that across household types, we will be prioritizing expansion projects over new projects. For the DV bonus funds, we encourage new and expansion project applications.



The first step in the process is for all agencies interested in applying for funding through the NOFO to submit a pre-application. You can find the pre-application here. The form will NOT allow you to save and return, so it is advisable that projects use the PDF version of the survey attached to this email to prepare their answers in an external document before beginning the survey, and then enter those answers into the online form.

Agencies should submit one survey per project and all information entered into the survey should be relevant only to that individual project. The priority deadline for the form is May 26, 2023. Applications submitted by the priority deadline will receive feedback from the Housing Stability Department and/or Ranking and Performance Committee. The final deadline is June 9, 2023. Reach out to Alyssa Keil, [email protected], with any questions about the pre-application.


Info Session for Non-DV Projects:


Info Session for DV Projects: